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What You Can Expect

my new dog looking at me
my dog looking at me with love

Please book an initial consultation on the book online section, or fill out the contact form if you prefer zoom, need a housecall or another time not listed.

Before your initial visit, we ask you to kindly complete the Detailed History Patient Questionnaire at least 72 hours before the consultation. Your veterinarian can also fill out the referral form, and we can call you to book.

Consultation lengths:  For dogs, the initial consultation is 105 minutes.  The last 15 minutes of the 2 hour consultation is used to create your behaviour report.  Feline consultations are 75 minutes, with the last 15 minutes again spent on report writing.  Additional time that may be needed will be charged on the day of the consultation.  We may need additional time booked, if we don't cover all the topics and problems.  All initial consultations should have a 30 minute follow up consultation either in person, or zoom 1-2 months later, depending on the problem.  You should expect a minimum of two follow up consultations, then consultations every 6 months to discuss ongoing care, and to refill medications.  Behaviour problem resolutions require time and patience.  It takes anywhere from 1-6 months to see progress, which is dependent on the effort you put in to the treatment plan.  There is no 'guaranteed' outcome, as you put in the work.  We are here to assist and guide you.  There are no refunds available.  


During the consult, a large portion of time will be spent gathering history to better achieve an accurate problem list, diagnosis, and reasons driving the problems. You will then receive a thorough treatment plan. This treatment plan will be outlined in a full report emailed to you within 7 to 10 days after the consultation.


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