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Dr. Eva Dudzic graduated from Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon in 1996. Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Dr. Dudzic always had a strong passion for animal behaviour. Her early undergraduate years had a strong focus on Psychology. During Veterinary School, she completed an externship with veterinary behaviour specialist, Dr. Leuscher. Dr. Dudzic has been performing behaviour consults since 1996 across Western Canada. She has owned Oak Bay Pet Clinic since 2001, where she has practiced general veterinary medicine, as well as performed many behavioural consultations for her patients. 

In the course of her career, she has spent a large amount of time and shared many cases with veterinary behaviour specialists Dr. Elizabeth Feltes, Dr. Kersti Seksel, Dr. Karen Overall, and Dr. Lynn Siebert.

Dr. Dudzic is now currently in a non-conforming behaviour medicine residency under the mentorship of veterinary behaviour specialist Dr. Sagi Denenberg, to certify as a Veterinary Behaviour Specialist.

Dr. Dudzic has rescued many problem behaviour animals in her career, achieving resolution of symptoms, and improving their emotional health. She has vast personal experience in treating canine, feline, and equine aggression, generalized anxiety disorders, fears and phobias, separation anxiety, feline marking, inappropriate elimination and inter-cat aggression as well as bird behaviour concerns.

Dr. Dudzic currently shares her life with two older horses, three chickens, two cats, a dog, and four birds on her small hobby farm in Metchosin of 22 years.  Her husband Robert, helps the menagerie of beings. ​

this is me holding my baby chicks
this is my horse
this is my cat
this is my little finch bird
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