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Has life become limited because of your pet’s tendencies and unwanted behaviours?
Do you feel like you have tried it all?

Your pet's behaviour problems don’t have to take over your life. We are here to help.


Behaviour problems can be very draining and upsetting but they do not have to be, once you get the correct guidance.

At Kindheart Veterinary Behaviour Services, the focus in consultations is on the why. Dr. Dudzic uses her veterinary training and experience of 27 years to ensure that your pet’s needs are not missed. There are only positive methods employed based in psychology. Aversive methods have no place in helping animals with their anxiety conditions. If you are finding that nothing works, that things may be getting worse or up and down, there is a good chance the methods you have found have not targeted the cause, or may even be causing more anxiety.

Anxiety problems are a very real thing in our pets. Our constant companions mirror our lives and so do their emotions. Behaviour problems are complex, multi-factorial and need multiple methods to target the underlying causes. These methods include in-depth patient history gathering, environmental management, counter-conditioning and training, exposure therapy, with or without medication. Not all behaviour problems are abnormal and require medication. Many problem behaviours are actually normal behaviours for the pet. It is imperative to decipher and distinguish between anxiety disorders and "problem behaviours" to us. This is the goal of the initial assessment and may change outcomes dramatically.

Consulting a veterinary behaviourist allows all aspects of mental health to be addressed, including health, the environment, training used, and management techniques, to get to the root of the problem.


A veterinary behaviourist is a veterinary psychiatrist for pets, with the additional training. A veterinary behaviourist can also prescribe medications that can make all the difference in helping your pet heal, and finally get relief.

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